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What does wellbeing mean?

Wellbeing Word CloudSmile Being You focuses on wellbeing and happiness. The term ‘wellbeing’ means something different to everyone though, so I’d like to explore what this may mean to you.

The Oxford Living Dictionary definition of the term is “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.” The Department of Health has defined it as “‘a positive physical, social and mental state.” I see it generally as feeling good! And that a true sense of inner wellbeing is achieved when you feel good being you.

You may associate lots of different feelings, states, behaviours and activities with the term wellbeing. You may think of positive wellbeing as being physically and mentally well. It may mean to you a sense of calm and contentment. Perhaps the term makes you think of activities like exercise, yoga, meditation or eating healthily. Maybe what’s most important to you is connecting with others, feeling loved, socialising with friends and family. Or… you may never have thought about the concept of wellbeing before or used this terminology in your daily life….That’s ok, there is no right or wrong answer, wellbeing is a broad term for lots of things and it encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Living with a positive state of wellbeing doesn’t, of course, mean never experiencing any negative emotions, such as sadness, grief, anger or frustration. Similarly it doesn’t mean never feeling physically tired or unwell. Difficult situations will occur in life, people will get unwell, and negative emotions are a natural part of being human. Plus it is this contrast that can enable you to fully recognise and appreciate the positives in life. Those who have good levels of overall wellbeing though, can typically find they are more resilient and more able to positively deal with the challenges and difficult situations life throws at them. Whereas if you are already not feeling mentally or physically good, a stressful situation may impact on you more significantly.

Whatever wellbeing means to you, Smile Being You offers something for everyone with an interest in their own, or others, wellbeing and happiness.

What words would you include in on your own personal wellbeing word cloud?

What can enhance your wellbeing?

What creates a sense of positive wellbeing for each person varies and what works at any given time may change throughout life, depending on factors such as you lifestyle, career, income, work-life balance, living environment, relationships, family responsibilities, social activities, schedule or preferences. For me personally, my wellbeing is influenced by a whole combination of factors. These include how much I enjoy my work, the amount of stress and pressure I’m experiencing in life, the people I’m surrounded by and their attitudes, how much I exercise and how well I sleep, how comfortable and relaxed I feel at home, the food and drink I put in my body, how much time I give to doing enjoyable activities, how much I see friends and family, my state of mind and my focus, how happy I feel being me, and more…

This variety of factors that can influence wellbeing means that the specific thinking patterns, attitudes, behaviours, activities, resources and approaches that will help you foster and enhance your wellbeing, and the unique combination of these, will be individual to you. For example, I reached a sustained point of feeling generally well and happy by combining a holistic combination of activities, behaviours and changes. These include running, practicing yoga, applying principles of mindfulness, enjoying creative activities, practicing self-compassion, socialising and having regular time to myself, as well as accessing talking therapy and talking to my doctor when my mental health wasn’t so good. A more recent key factor for me has also been changing my career and the combination of activities in my working week, which I intend to elaborate on in a future blog post to share my reflections on this.

I believe what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, however, we can all learn from one another’s experiences and knowledge. Smile Being You provides an opportunity to learn from others with personal and professional experience. Through social media there’s also the options to be part of a supportive wellbeing community.

What positive actions you can take to feel good today?


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