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Smile Being You brings together a holistic collection of ideas, information and inspiration to help enhance wellbeing and happiness. 

Whatever ‘wellbeing’ means to you, Smile Being You aims to help you nurture and enhance your wellbeing, and ultimately smile more in life! Ideas are presented through this website, social media and in-person talks, together with a healthy dose of creativity and handfuls of hope.


Smile Being You focuses on two key aims:

1. To positively impact on the wellbeing of others by:

  • Sharing ideas, suggestions, concepts, strategies, approaches and accounts through blogs, quotes, videos and articles.
  • Providing information about relevant physical and online products and resources.
  • Connecting you with existing health and wellbeing websites and organisations.

2. To raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing, in a personal and professional context, and of the value of taking a holistic approach

  • Sharing wellbeing success stories from people with personal or professional experience.
  • Encompassing a whole variety of topics relevant to wellbeing and continually growing the content.
  • Contributing to the worldwide wellbeing conversation through written, verbal and visual communications.


Smile Being You was created by Joanna in 2016, inspired by her own wellbeing journey, drawing on her personal and professional experiences, knowledge and learning.

Read more about Joanna and her motivation behind Smile Being You.



This website

The Smile Being You website gives you the opportunity to:

  • Read a series of blog posts covering a variety of topics to stimulate thought and conversation about wellbeing.
  • Browse through wellbeing activity related products available to buy through other external websites.
  • Read and share inspirational quotes and images.
  • Look through a directory of existing websites and online resources related to wellbeing topics and themes.
  • Connect to Smile Being You through the social media channels:
    Twitter (@SmileBeingYou), Instagram (@SmileBeingYou) and You Tube

Questions & Answers

What is Smile Being You?
Smile Being You brings together a holistic collection of ideas, information and inspiration to help others enhance their wellbeing and happiness. This is shared through a variety of communications including a blog, resource directory, product directory and inspiration section on this website, social media channels and in person talks.

Who is Smile Being You for?
Smile Being You is aimed at any adult with a personal or professional interest in improving and maintaining wellbeing and happiness. Although based in the UK, Smile Being You aims to cover topics of interest to people all around the world.

Who created Smile Being You?
Smile Being You was imagined and created by Joanna – a young woman who lives in the UK and has personal experience of improving her own physical & mental health, wellbeing and happiness through her adult life. Read more about the concept in her introductory blog post. Joanna aims to combine her experience and knowledge, with the experience of professionals involved in the wellbeing sector, to create a resource that will interest and be of benefit to people around the globe.

I would like to suggest a topic for Smile Being You to cover?
Great! There are so many topics we’d like to cover, as central to the Smile Being You approach is looking at wellbeing from a holistic perspective. Any ideas from readers are welcomed as this is for you, so please get in touch through social media or emailing joanna@smilebeingyou.com

I would like to write a blog for Smile Being You
Wonderful! A key value for Smile Being You is collaboration and so there are opportunities for guest blog posts. If you would like to write a guest blog post, please email Joanna@smilebeingyou.com Please describe the topic you would like to cover and the key message you’d like to share with readers. Please also give a little background about yourself, including your name, location, job sector and relevant personal and/or professional experience you have around enhancing wellbeing. If the blog content appears appropriate for the website you’ll be asked to submit some text between 300 to 1500 words, along with a short bio, a couple of relevant images and any links you wish to include.

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Smile Being You

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Smile Being You is an online holistic toolbox of ideas, information and inspiration to enhance wellbeing, whatever ‘wellbeing’ means to you. The Smile Being You website and social media channels share with you a collection of blog posts about wellbeing and happiness, written by individuals with relevant personal or professional experience. It also shares inspirational stories, images and quotes, a selection of wellbeing activity related products, and a directory of useful websites, apps and online resources. Readers are also invited to contribute to the conversation and discussion about wellbeing. 

Website: www.smilebeingyou.com
Twitter: SmileBeingYou
Instagram: SmileBeingYou
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